GST Billing

Zomu comes with an advanced hassle free GST Billing mechanism.

1 As we all know GST stands for “Goods and Services Tax”, and is proposed to be an extensive indirect tax levy on manufacturing, , sale and consumption of goods together with services at the national level.

2 Its main objective is to combine all indirect tax levies into a single tax, except customs (excluding SAD) in place of multiple tax levies. This helps to overcome the limitations of running indirect tax structure.

3 In the present scenario, goods and services tax is a tax which is levied on goods and services imposed at each point of sale or rendering of service.

4 Now, GST could be on entire goods and services or there could be some exempted class of goods or services.

Bill with or without GST

1 GST will be a national level value added tax applicable on goods and services.

2 The billing system in Zomu is designed in such a way that a Shop having a GST license can raise bills following all GST norms.

3 The inbuilt feature of GST billing in Zomu is able to show all GST breakups for convenience.

4 On the other hand, shops without a GST license can create bills at flat rates (i.e. without any tax breakups).