Get the Benefits of Online Store and POS Billing without the investments and headaches of maintaining and purchasing the POS system or a shopping website.

Zomu converts your existing available infrastructures into a powerful POS billing systems for Computerised GST billing, Inventory Control, Barcode System, SMS Notification, Online Store and many more…

Why Choose Zomu

The benefits of Zomu are too many, a few of them are as below

  • Online Store

    Now you don't need any seperate website for your business

  • No Computer Required

    Not required too much of hardware, can even with just a mobile.

    POS app No computers required
  • Operate from Mobile

    All you need is just an android mobile to use the app.

    Mobile POS App Zomu
  • Easy to use

    A simple and user friendly app.

    Easy to use cashier App
  • Cloud based

    No need to worry about crashing or taking backup as the app is cloud based.

    Cloud based Inventory Manage app
  • Low maintenance cost

    Very low maintenance cost due to almost no hardware requirement.

    Low-Cost GST Invoice Software
  • No Upfront Investment

    As you do not require to buy any hardware, so upfront investment is almost nil.

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